If you’re a PR pro and a Wordpress-lover — then you should check out this powerful plugin.

(If you’re not into WordPress, maybe you should consider it? According to web legend and WP-founder Matt Mullenweg, the open source CMS powers 20% of all websites on the web.)

Now, I don’t usually write about plugins, but this one has helped me learn more about what works and what doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been writing all my life, but hearts and minds tend to be moving targets.

Here’s the tool:

WordPress Plugin: KingSumo Headlines

Remember my last post on Facebook’s organic reach?

Well, actually I posted four different headlines for that article. The plugin KingSumo Headlines makes it look like this:

smart headlines

As you can see, I’m focusing my headlines around the SEO phrase organic reach for facebook and the KingSumo Headlines plugin allows me to experiment with variations — in this case, four variations. An algorithm then calculates how successful each headline is based on actual traffic behaviours.

Headline number 1 in the example above is performing the worst. Headline number 3 is performing the best (+292,3%). And this is the way it often works:

The first headline that comes to mind isn’t necessarily the best one.

The plugin makes it so much easier to write better headlines. Imagine how much valuable engagement that can be harvested long-term with the optimizing capabilities of a simple plugin like this. KingSumo Headlines starts at $99 and is available for download here.

Which are your favourite WordPress plugins for writers? Please share in the comments!