This technique will vastly improve your influencer marketing results:

The Honeymoon Outreach.

In the best case scenario, you’ve got some sort of pre-existing relationship with the blogger you’re pitching. But we all know that this often isn’t the case.

Often you have to reach out to a blogger who has no idea of who you are and what you’re selling and why. In a way, this is a sort of email equivalent to cold-calling.

And let me tell you, I really hate all forms of cold calling — as I’m sure most of us do.

So how do you find your way around pitching cold?

Here goes:

Influencer Marketing: The Proactive Approach

The fundamental principle is straightforward:

Never try to sell or promote anything in your first contact with an influencer.

That sounds pretty awesome, right? But how should you get in touch with influencers, then?

This is where the Honeymoon Outreach Technique comes in:

2-8 weeks prior to your planned outreach, drop your pre-selected influencers an email and simply introduce yourself. Don’t try to act as if you’re about to become best friends or anything — just state the following clearly:

  • Your full name, your location, and your contact details.
  • Who you work for (or what type of clients) and why you’re connecting with them.
  • Your question: Would he or she be interested in potential brand collaborations?

If the influencers say “no,” here’s what happens:

1. You can remove them from your Influencer Mapping entirely since they would have turned you down anyway.

2. You and your colleagues don’t need to waste any precious time on this influencer in the future. Win-win.

3. You run less risk of getting a hateful post from an influencer that likes to “burn” pitchers (yes, they exist!).

If the influencer says “yes,” here’s what happens:

1. Getting a person to say ‘yes’ to one thing psychologically increases the chance of them to say yes yet again.

2. You ensure that your mapping consists of influencers that are 100% positive to corporate collaborations.

3. You don’t have to “cold call” them when you finally approach them with an actual pitch.

The Honeymoon Outreach Technique

In my experience, honeymooning increases influencer marketing results significantly. After all — you’re only contacting influencers who have given you their permission1 to pitch them.

Still, it’s not only about avoiding the ‘not interested;’ you will most likely write better outreach emails if you’ve been in contact with the people you’re reaching out to.

Good luck ‘honeymooning’ influencers!

honeymoon outreach
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  1. See also Permission Marketing by Seth Godin.