Will there be superbrands also in the future? Will we see the Coca Cola’s, the McDonald’s, the Apple’s, or the Google’s in a future where the total brand experience will be more personal and digital than ever before?

It’s a reasonable question, I think. The scope of the horizontal conversations and the speed of group formation doesn’t even begin to compare with anything we have ever seen in human history in that respect. Everything becomes individualized, personalized, diversified, distributed, and disrupted.


At the same time we look upon the giants. Honestly, do we really see Apple or Google employees participating in the so hyped online conversation in the future? One might argue that conversational marketing is nothing but binary cosmetics, and when push comes to shove, that it is all about the products and the services. Others might argue that these supernova brands don’t have to state their case – their ambassadors is doing it for them.

I would argue, that it comes natural for us as a species to state our independence and uniqueness as individuals, but when it comes to our everyday lives, our day-to-day existence, then we’re just creatures of habit.

Google are an amazing company and an amazing superbrand, but what would they be without the millions of people using their search engine? Every single innovation and long-tail line extension of the Google brand is part of an on-going forward motion, but mainly so because it reinforces the user’s habits.

Tell me, how often do you google something? How often do you listen to your Ipod?

You and I and everyone – we are creatures of habit, mainly so since not everything can be a rational decision.That’s why it’s so easy for me to grab lunch at a McDonald’s restaurant I’ve never visited before, even though there might be local fast food around the corner which would mean a new experience.

And that’s also why we will have superbrands in the future. And that’s how online brand conversations also in the future will add indirectly to the habitual behaviour or emotional triggers that connotes to the brand’s core business. Or put in another way: Our mental bandwidth has limitations, and more channels won’t change the number of brands that we actually relate to in any given moment.

First published on the Superbrands Nordic blog.