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My 2014 Annual Review

The year when Jack came along and changed everything.

Iceberg Publishing

A great website can be so much more than the sum of all pages linked from your site's navigation menu.
Storytelling for Jedi Masters.

Storytelling for Jedi Masters

Star Wars is just a perfect example of classic storytelling.

Pointing at Buttons

Why you should be pointing at buttons to increase your site's conversion rates. When I started doing it, my conversion rates went up with 17 percent.

OPA (Other People’s Audiences)

Getting in front of other people's audiences (OPA) is the key to growing your online community fast.

Why Winning Strategies Are Realistic

In my last post, How To Develop A Strategy Bullshit Detector (SBD), I wrote about the importance of designing marketing strategies to win. I'm very...

The Strategy Bullshit Detector

Is it crystal clear how the "strategy" will help the brand to beat their competitors and win in their marketplace?

Adobe Summit 2014: My Conference Report

Key takeaways from my conversation with David Edelman, McKinsey Digital at the Adobe Summit 2014.

Why Old-School PR Theories are More Relevant Than Ever

It seems like classic PR theories age gracefully. Instead of going out-of-date, they get amplified as we communicate with each other more and more.

My Content Marketing DIY Experiment

Content marketing doesn't have to be difficult. This simple strategy proves it — and you can use it, too.

3 Steps To Fix A Broken Facebook Page (With A Little Help From Your...

Hey, guys. I'm going to keep this one short and sweet: A lot of companies are struggling with a broken Facebook page at the moment...

Marie Forleo’s Blog Design

I tend to get hooked on certain bloggers. Being a blogger myself, I enjoy learning from the best. Lately,...

Boxing As A Social Media Metaphor — And How I Deal With Freeloaders

I've read Gary Vaynerchuk's latest book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. If you're wondering if you should read it too, then my recommendation is a...

How to Write a Blogger Outreach Email (Including Two Templates)

Examples of how to write blogger outreach emails that will get influencers interested in your pitch.

Get the Facts First

Instead of passing judgement, seek to understand. You'll find humanity even where you least expect it.

Improve Your Storytelling (in 15 Minutes)

How do you improve your storytelling? These simple scripts will help you — in less than 15 minutes.

How To Communicate Effectively With Others

Do you ever find yourself being misunderstood? Most of us experience this from time to time. Whether this is because of you or the world...

The Magic Middle

Instead of going big every time, consider the Nash equilibrium and pitch Magic Middle Influencers instead.

The One Thing That Kills Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Albert Einstein famously said: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Yes, it's easy to be very cool about this,...

A Smart Trick On How To Land Online Publicity Inspired By Lifehacker Tim Ferriss

Okay, so I'm probably not the only 30+ dude who has a manchrush on Tim Ferriss, the wildly successful lifehacker. And dare I say;  Ferriss...

Welcome To Definition Hell In A Jungle Of Buzzwords

If you're anything like me, you love the power of language. But as for digital marketing, we're simply in definition hell right now. We've been there...

The Massive Action Strategy

You need a massive action strategy to achieve massive success. Inspired by Tony Robbins, 'massive action' is also applicable for fast online growth.

7 Common Blog Contest Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid common blog contest mistakes when asking an influential blogger to host your next contest.

The Honeymoon Outreach

Apply the honeymoon outreach technique and increase your influencer marketing success rate.

The West Wing Bible Scene

I know it's just a television show and all, but it's still so gratifying to see President Bartlett deliver this epic burn.

7 Classic Facebook Concepts For Your Facebook Page

You need some Facebook content that's fun but don't require all that much effort? Well, I got seven classic Facebook Concepts for you. And you can easily whip 'em up in an instant!

How To Make It In Digital America

Are you an entrepreneur looking to make it big in digital America? Then I've got a great piece of advice for you. It's simple, direct and powerful. But be prepared for a PR challenge of a lifetime.

How to Pitch Television News

It can be tricky to pitch TV news reporters. Here's my best advice on how to do it right.

Tribal Marketing Infographics

Ever heard of 'tribal marketing'? It's an interesting take on brand communication and you should check out 'Tribaling' by Elia Mörling.

Here Comes Triberr

If you're a blogger and you haven't heard about Triberr, then that's a bloody shame. It's a social platform for bloggers — and it's beginning to make some noise.

Will Get To Meet Peter Shankman At Apsis Email Marketing Evolved!

Peter Shankman is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, and worldwide connector, recognised worldwide for radically new ways of thinking about social media, PR, marketing, advertising, and customer service.

Review: Basis — Health And Heart Rate Monitor

If you're into lifelogging and you find yourself facing a period of getting into shape and health improvement, then get the Basis. Use it as a tool to get yourself where you need to be and use it until you reach your goals.
Jerry Silfwer is the senior PR strategist behind Doctor Spin. Via his agency Spin Factory, Jerry is advising brands on how to adapt to a 'digital first' world. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

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