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My 2018 Annual Review

Time for my annual review.

The ‘AI Anchor’ in China

Well, this escalated quickly. So, the Chinese government has found a way to cut costs and add speed to...

The Death of Kitty Genovese

Kitty Genovese was murdered in New York in 1964. She was 28 years old and the assailant knifed her...

Initiative Q’s Viral Loop

Initiative Qs go-to-market strategy is a powerful viral loop.

Tell Longer Stories

The minification of the media landscape might be an illusion.

How Fascism Works

“If you use history and philosophy as a guide, it’s easy to see parallels between Trump’s words and those of the most reviled fascists in history.”

The Banksy Shredder

Here's the code pen. You know you need it.
Jerry Silfwer is the senior PR strategist behind Doctor Spin. Via his agency Spin Factory, Jerry is advising brands on how to adapt to a 'digital first' world. In 2016, Cision Scandinavia named him "PR Influencer of the Year". Jerry lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

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