Looking for the best PR blogs in 2016 to read and follow?

In no particular order, here are my recommendations:

SpinSucks — Gini Dietrich has built a vibrant community around actionable PR content, and Spin Sucks1 is by far the best PR blog on the planet in 2016.

InkyBee Blog — By focusing on blogger- and influencer outreach, the writers over at InkyBee shares actionable advice and offers lots of useful resources.

The Shift Blog — It’s rare to find agency-driven PR blogs that are relevant and frequently updated, however, The Shift Blog is one of those rare exceptions.

nyc PR girls — Why aren’t there any blogs on the PR lifestyle? Well, Adrianna and Meg got it covered.

Neville Hobson — Personal-view writing style, and sharing actionable advice on PR and digital communications.

Stephen Waddington — Insightful and opinionated, I enjoy Stephen Waddington’s articles very much.

Meltwater — Relevant and useful stories created by contributors who are serious about PR. Also keep an eye out for content in languages other than English.

Beyond PR — This blog is powered by PRNewswire (Cision). The quality varies from okay to great, but worth keeping an eye out for great content.

Journalistics — Jeremy Porter might not update very often, but his PR articles are well-written and always worth a read — especially if you’re interested in the intersection between public relations and journalism.

Ragan Public Relations — Aggregated PR articles from a variety of different writers, some good, some great. Lot’s of useful resources to be found on Ragan’s large site.

Stuart Bruce — Relevant and knowledgeable insights on how to modernize PR.

Bulldog Reporter — A big site packed with resources and industry-specific articles.

PRNews — A massive site with loads of PR content. If you’re willing to search for what you need, there are tons of great articles to find here.

If you want to decide for yourself, scan the PR blog overview on Alltop: PR. If you know of a PR blog that you think I should check out, get in touch and let me know.


  1. However, spin doesn’t actually suck.