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2017 Articles

It’s Time for a Career Change (Oct. 7)

My Fucket List: 27 Things I Won’t Do Before I Die (Sep. 13)

My Twin Peaks Theory (Sep. 10)

The Four Dot Ellipsis Mystery (Sep. 6)

A Data Warehouse for PR and Marketing: Why You Need It (Jul. 19)

How to Persuade Anyone of Anything (Jul. 18)

The Digital Politician (Jul. 4)

Inbound Marketing is a New Paradigm (Jun. 9)

‘Alternative Facts’ and Why Some People Believe Them (The Napoleon Post) (Apr. 27)

The Engagement Pyramid (Based on the 1% Rule) (Apr. 21)

Viral Loops (and the Math Behind Them) (Feb. 6)

Marketing Strategy: Should You Go Wide or Deep? (The Cheshire Puss Post) (Jan. 27)

My 2016 Annual Review (Jan. 1)

2016 Articles

Socializing Ourselves to Death (Dec. 5)

Why Your CSR is Boring (Nov. 2)

A Recipe for PR Success (My TEDx Talk) (Oct. 10)

Stupid Majorities (The David and Goliath Post) (Aug. 25)

Fuck Pikachu (or How to Keep Up with New Trends) (Aug. 4)

Dear Journalist: We Need to Have a Serious Conversation (Jul. 9)

Press Releases (and Why They Drive Me Crazy) (Jul. 8)

My Phone Policy (Jul. 1)

The Follower Contract (May 25)

The Power of One Very Happy Customer (May 23)

5 Efficient Strategies for Building a Personal Brand (May 7)

Small Numbers Matter (Apr. 26)

The Web is Not Flat (April 24)

A Recipe for PR Dynamite (Apr. 22)

9 Media Training Mistakes even Pros Make (Jan. 22)

Kickstarter: How Tinitell Raised $100,000 in 10 Days (Jan. 10)

Snapchat for Grown Ups (Jan. 6)

Are We a Generation of Social Media Fakers? (Jan. 2)

My 2015 Annual Review (Jan. 1)

2015 Articles

What is Public Relations? (November 7)

Roadmap: PR for Startups (November 30)

The Hallmark of Lazy Content Marketing (October 9)

What to Put on Your Front Page (October 4)

The Community Manager (Extensive Job Description) (August 17)

My Morning Routine (August 10)

How to Spin Instagram (July 6)

Content Themes (How and Why to Use Them) (June 15)

How You Should Segment Your Audience Instead (June 11)

How to Find and Activate Publics Online (June 8)

The Engagement Bottom Line (June 4)

A Social Media Strategy for Long Sales Cycles (June 1)

What I Learned from Creating a 28-Day Email Course (May 12)

Write Better Headlines with Software (April 26)

Facebook Zero: Closing in on 0% Organic Reach for Pages (April 19)

How to Create Native Content for Small Businesses (The Kerstin Wolgers Post) (Mar. 2)

Deal with Internet Trolls Like a Pro (January 1)

My 2014 Annual Review (January 1)

2014 Articles

Iceberg Publishing — A New Strategy for Your Website (Nov. 6)

Storytelling for Jedi Masters (Sep. 10)

How I Increased My Conversion Rate with 17% (Aug. 12)

Call-to-Actions (and Why You Should Use Them) (Jul. 15)

The Power of OPA (Other People’s Audiences) (Jun. 17)

Why Winning Strategies are Realistic (May 26)

The Strategy Bullshit Detector (May 20)

My DIY Content Marketing Experiment (Mar. 19)

2013 Articles

How to Write a Blogger Outreach Email (Nov. 28)

Why You Should Always Get the Facts First (Nov. 4)

Improve Your Storytelling in 15 Minutes (Oct. 27)

The Prettiest Blonde Paradox (Oct. 17)

Why Massive Action is Key To Online Growth (Oct. 5)

The Honeymoon Outreach (Sep. 5)

How to Pitch TV News Reporters (Aug. 10)

The Art of Ramping Up (Jun. 11)

All Schools Should Teach Kids How to Code (May 23)

11 Disturbingly Evil Leadership Hacks (May 3)

Rockstar Consultants: What’s Their Secret? (Apr. 27)

Why ‘Digital First’? (Apr. 21)

How To Sell (For People Who Hate to Sell) (Mar. 23)

The Value Triangle (Mar. 1)

Is Spin a Bad Thing? (Feb. 21)

10 Storytelling Elements (Found in All Great Stories) (Feb. 7)

Typography 101 for Bloggers (Feb. 3)

Why House of Cards is More than Just a Show on Netflix (Feb. 2)

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2013 (Feb. 1)

2012 Articles

The Human API and the Cybernetic Renaissance (Dec. 15)

Apocalypse Survival for PR Pros (The Bear Grylls Post) (Dec. 9)

A Matrix for Online Spin (Nov. 29)

The Acceleration Theory (The Maurice Greene Post) (Oct. 31)

Dark Social (October 18)

How to Spin a Blog Post (Oct. 16)

Why Streaming Television is Disruptive (Sep. 23)

Say Hi to the Money Web (Sep. 8)

The Lifelogging Trend: What to Expect (Aug. 18)

The Secret Sauce for Social Media Sharing (Jul. 16)

My First Mobile Phone (Jun. 26)

33 Strange Swedish Idioms in English (Jun. 10)

The Truth About Social Media Intelligence (Jun. 6)

How to Scale Social Media Marketing (Apr. 14)

This Sentence has Five Words (Apr. 1)

Shut Up and Be Happy Already (Mar. 26)

The Clever Pinterest Virus (Mar. 18)

Four Social Networks that Need to Exist (Mar. 12)

Inflight Corrections: Strategy as Trajectory (Mar. 6)

5 Hacks for More Decisive Meetings (Feb. 28)

Digital is the First Medium (Feb. 25)

A Global Social Media Launch Strategy (Feb. 13)

Epic Content is No Silver Bullet (Feb. 9)

The Hippie Web is Dead (Jan. 22)

2011 Articles

Top 10 Introvert Myths (Dec. 5)

How to Waste Money on Social Media Marketing (Nov. 26)

Human Rights, Net Neutrality, and Free Internet Access (Nov. 20)

The Content Tipping Point (Oct. 21)


The Perfect PR Education (May 1)

Good vs. Bad PR (Apr. 19)

To Pitch or Not to Pitch (Mar. 31)

Why Blog? (Feb. 22)

How to Pitch the Press (Feb. 16)

My no. 1 Career Advice for Young PR Professionals (Feb. 11)

2010 Articles

My Geeky Dream Hotel (Dec. 25)

Press Release Template (Classic Version) (Sep. 30)

The Ice-Cream Debate (Mar. 10)

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