Find all Doctor Spin’s playlists on Spotify here.

Acoustic Guitars

Alpha Male

Angry Bastards

An aggressive playlist for those weekly deadlifts in the gym.

Bromance Ballads

A male voice playlist for whenever you need to hear guys declare their feelings and desires.

Code Mode

Crowd Pleasers

Dad Songs

Dark Matter

An EDM playlist for drinking vodka cocktails with crushed ice like there’s no tomorrow.

Electric Swing

A classy playlist for whenever you feel like busting a move in the kitchen while making Sunday dinner for the family.

Electro Pop

An energetic playlist for when you’re dead tired but need to get going for work in the morning.

Fashion Forward

A classy playlist for when you’re getting mentally prepared for an event with pretentious assholes.

Feelgood Mornings

An upbeat playlist for those mornings when you need a sunny disposition to get yourself through the day.

Forever Grunge

An essential playlist for whenever you need more grunge in your life (which should be always).

Headphone Trauma

An introspective playlist for those expensive headphones of yours.

Hipster Pop

An eco-friendly playlist for whenever you take a break from brewing indian pale ale in your bathroom.

House Drops

A larger-than-life playlist with huge drops, monotonous beats, and killer hooks.

Indie Tunes

An angsty playlist for when you’re hit with UK abstinence and find yourself unconsciously booking plane tickets to London.

Mad Scientist

An odd playlist for whenever you feel like loosing yourself in your work and invent something crazy.

Mister Cool

A self-aware playlist for whenever you’ve lost your cool and you desperately need it back.

Nicest Thing

A sweet playlist for whenever you need to hear a soft voice in your ear.