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Freelance Life: My Morning Routine

morning routine

I’m a firm believer in the idea that the first 1-2 hours of one’s day should be completely scripted to avoid decision fatigue, simply by saving your energy for more important decisions that might come up during the day.

So I make sure to follow a pretty strict morning routine. Some days I fail to follow each step, especially when I’m traveling, but when I get everything right, then I feel great for the rest of the day!

But when my son Jack came along a little less than a year ago, I had to drastically change my morning routine. As a parent (and a freelancer!), discipline is of the utmost importance. Therefore I thought that it would be useful to check out my personal morning routine. And please make sure to add your best tips and tricks in the comments.

Here goes:

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How To Spin Instagram And Gain Thousands Of Passionate Followers


Instagram has become a social network many companies and organizations consider building a following on.

But how do you become successful as a brand on Instagram?

  • Are there any magic hashtags that you can use?
  • Or a way to game the Instagram user recommendation engine?
  • Should you sharpen your comedy skills — or just take some photography classes?

Well, there is a profound spin strategy that will help you. But it might just not be what you think …

Here goes:

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social follower contract

It’s time for a Monday Challenge again. Here we go:

How should I prioritize where to put my time and energy between all various opportunities and social channels in digital marketing? — Camilla, Sweden.

It’s sort of becoming my modus operandi to recommend a shift in perspective. But a shift in perspective is exactly what’s needed here!

Instead of thinking about where to put energy and resources, I suggest focus on what you might have to say and whether or not this will be interesting to anyone or not.

Like this:

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publics PR

Imagine two guys.

They live in the same place, they have similar jobs, they drive comparable cars and they have matching family constellations and socio-economic backgrounds.

They’re both Average Joes.

Now, will you reach both of them through the same media channels?

In corporate communication, how we group people is often referred to as ‘segmentation’. And how you segment your market is important. In fact, your success depends on it.

But we must stop grouping people on basis of their age, gender and location. We must find our way back to the ‘publics’ in public relations.

Here’s why (and how):

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How To Find Publics Online — And How To Activate Them


Do you know exactly who you want to reach, but not exactly where to find them online? For today’s reader question, I’m looking deeper into how we can find the people we want to reach online.

My biggest challenge is to find my target group. I know who I want to reach, but where do I find them digitally — and how do I stand out from the crowd in that channel? – Eva-Lena, Sweden.

I love this question, but it’s a tough one to answer, since it focuses on the core challenge of all marketing; how to find and reach the right people with the right message.

Here goes:

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