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This article was originally published by Upload Magazin on behalf of Adobe. It’s slightly revised for Doctor Spin.

A few things tend to happen when experts tries to predict the future:

Experts (and I’ve been guilty of this myself, too) commonly tend to overestimate the speed of consumer adoption and market regulation – both tend to move forward slower than expected. For example: We might be able manufacture self-driving cars today, but placing them in the hands of consumers and allowing them to join regular traffic, well, that’s a different story altogether.

Also, experts tend to get the analysis backwards more often than not. For example: In 1907, more horses than ever before were bred and sold in both US and Europe. At this time, experts predicted a steady rise of demand for horses in 1908. In retrospect, we now know that the T-Ford was launched in 1908, which in turn disrupted the whole concept of personal transportation forever. The correct analysis in 1907 would of course be to predict a growing market for personal transportation — not horses.

I will now make myself guilty of both(!) of the above-mentioned fallacies as I try to outline the future of marketing. For this, I apologise.

Here goes:

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I just got back from the digital marketing conference Dmexco on September 16-17, 2015 in Cologne, Germany. With 881 exhibitors, 500 speakers and 43,384 trade visitors, this is a massive event run by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (German Association for the Digital Economy — BVDW).

With the main theme of “Bridging Worlds” as a backdrop for all conference activities, the big topics included ad blockers, digital transformations and of course — customer experiences. As always, I wanted to just link up my thoughts on the conference real quick.

Here goes:

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What Does A Community Manager Do? +Bonus: The CM Toolbox

community manager

I like to think of the community manager as a classical conductor, dedicated to showing the online community (the orchestra) how to get in sync, never through force or coercion, but by using the magical powers of suggestion alone.

‘Community Manager’ has become an increasingly popular job title. But what exactly is the role of a community manager? What does a community manager do?

Here goes:

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Why Freelancers Are Rising As The New Marketing Elite

marketing elite

I’ve met my fair share of venture capitalists — and entrepreneurs seeking their funding and support. One online startup I used to know went through 25-30MSEK (2,6-3,1MEUR) in less than two years without generating any revenue whatsoever. The VCs wanted a ‘unicorn investment’, the entrepreneur wanted a yacht. But as for most venture-backed online startups, in the end, it just didn’t work out for anyone.

Lots of interesting marketing practices (growth hacking, viral loop design, ramping up, quant marketing etc.) comes out of the online startup space and these companies are often regarded as the ‘marketing elite’ today. But there’s a much more quiet revolution going on simultaneously, a revolution where marketing freelancers are becoming a class in their own right — all the while traditional advertising- and PR agencies, who used to attract the best of the best, struggle.

What makes this new breed of online creatives so interesting is what motivates them — and it’s not wanting to buy a yacht or to lead a life in luxury. So if not wealth then, what is it that drives these people?

Here goes:

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Freelance Life: My Morning Routine

morning routine

I’m a firm believer in the idea that the first 1-2 hours of one’s day should be completely scripted to avoid decision fatigue, simply by saving your energy for more important decisions that might come up during the day.

So I make sure to follow a pretty strict morning routine. Some days I fail to follow each step, especially when I’m traveling, but when I get everything right, then I feel great for the rest of the day!

But when my son Jack came along a little less than a year ago, I had to drastically change my morning routine. As a parent (and a freelancer!), discipline is of the utmost importance. Therefore I thought that it would be useful to check out my personal morning routine. And please make sure to add your best tips and tricks in the comments.

Here goes:

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