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fake social media

Do you follow someone on social media who posts about their picture perfect lifestyle, but you know (or suspect) that they’re just faking it?

Me, too.

I hear people complaining about social media fakers all the time. Many are frustrated about how ordinary people in their feeds are simply trying too hard. It used to be lifestyle bloggers putting on a dazzling show for their followers, but now it’s your neighbour, your co-worker and your old classmate.

“If you experience negative emotions, just unfollow them,” I say.

But it’s often not that simple in the economy of likes where you can’t separate your online network from your physical world. Unfollowing someone, blocking someone — even stopping to like a friend’s status updates on Instagram, well, that’s something that many posters take personally.

We get pulled into this world of the social media fakers. So we ask ourselves:

How did we end up here? And how do we get out of it?

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25 best books giveaway

We’re about to embark on a new year and what better way to do so than to stack up on some of the best books on digital marketing, PR and strategy?

For a long time, I wanted to set up a contest to see if the awesome Doctor Spin readers would appreciate it. I love to read books — and lots of them! — so therefore I thought it would be appropriate to host a giveaway contest for some of the best books I’ve read myself.

Interested? Make sure to participate — you can find the contest page here!

Enter To Win 25 Books!

(And don’t worry, I’ll remove this post when the contest ends, so you won’t be clicking on an out-of-date link. For specific details, check out the terms and conditions at the bottom of the contest page. Good luck!)

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What Is Public Relations (PR)?

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Public Relations

What is public relations (PR)?

Someone once tried to count all definitions of PR they could find, but they allegedly gave up after obtaining over 2,000+ definitions. I don’t know if this is true or if it’s just another legend amongst us PR-people — but there sure are lots of definitions out there. To add to this already long list, I’ve created a definition which I think work well today:

PR (public relations) = strategic communication via owned and earned channels to establish and maintain beneficial relationships with influencers and publics.

Now, while a short and sweet definition is handy at times, there’s, of course, tonnes of interesting stories beneath it. In this post, I’ll explain in-depth how organisations structure their PR work, what PR does and where it comes from:

I’ll answer the question, what is PR?

Here goes:

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Accelerated PR For Startups

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Helping startups is a special challenge — and a challenge very close to my heart.

Their enthusiasm and naiveté are both mesmerising and contagious and there’s something very special about spending time with people who are taking huge risks to fulfil their dreams.

But working with startups is also risky business for the advisor, which makes it difficult for me to take on more than one or two at the time. Most startups go under and many struggles financially. Many startups are also inexperienced when it comes to working with advisors and agencies.

In short, there’s no way for me to help as many startups as I would like to. And that’s why I decided to write this post, to help startups to get their PR strategy sorted out — despite being bootstrapped and fighting the odds.

Here we go:

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Do you know of Lindsey Stirling?

Lindsey Stirling is the self-made dubstep violinist who’s absolutely killing it on Youtube with her unique blend of fantasy, dubstep and classical music.

The story is that she tried to get herself signed with a record label back in 2007, but they all refused her. I guess they thought that fantasy dubstep violinists are too small of a niche to be commercially viable? Either that or they just didn’t find her sound and talent appealing enough.

As I’m writing this, her song Crystallize boasts 132,000,000+ views on Youtube and record labels are now desperate to sign her. But she keeps doing her thing — without any support from the copyright industry. And that’s good for her.

But more importantly, Lindsey Stirling’s success is teaching us several valuable PR lessons:

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