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UPDATE: Jerry Silver won the Cision PR Influencer Award 2016 (CPRIA)!

Jerry Silver aka Doctor Spin.

My name is Jerry Silver. I was born in 1979 and raised in the North of Sweden, but today, I live in Stockholm with my wife Lisah and our two-year-old son, Jack.

I work as an independent advisor, writer and spin doctor for a few awesome brands. Yes, it’s a lifestyle choice to freelance — and I love it.

Doctor Spin is my blog on PR and strategic communications. It’s been up and running in some shape or form since 2002.

My mission:

Share science-backed PR insights on how to get people to do what you want them to do.

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What Others Say

“Jerry’s profound insights in how people interact on the social web makes even the most complex solution seem simple and obvious. In short, he’s a leading PR thinker with an unusual down-to-earth appreciation for the doing parts.”
— Micco Grönholm, Director of Communications at City of Helsingborg

“Jerry is a natural. He is one of – if not the leading thinker in Sweden – for conversation-based communication and social media strategies. You’re just better when you’re around Jerry.”
— Anders Sjöman, VP Communications at Voddler

“Jerry is one of the smartest, most creative and interesting people that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He has a unique skill always to stay ahead of the curve, detect communication opportunities and use his wide-ranging expertise to make sure that the end result exceeds all expectations.”
— Sofia Sunnerlöf, Digital Manager at The Swedish Tourism Association

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jerry in a variety of different strategic communication projects, both online and offline. Whichever task was ahead, Jerry always met challenges with an inspiring mix of creativity, strategic know-how and deep knowledge about the ever-changing digital landscape.”
— Martin Stenberg, CMO at Danske Bank

“Jerry is one of those people you want on your team. He has extensive and in-depth knowledge not only about his field of work but so much more. And he is not only a brilliant writer; he is a fast, brilliant writer. I still believe that he has somehow received more hours a day than the rest of us. He gets so much done and is still there to discuss and give advice to those around him.”
— Charlotta Falk, Director of Public Relations at EF Education First

“Jerry is a damn good communicator with a good mindset. I would also mention his ability to communicate with everyone from production teams to large enterprises and his skills as a team leader, holding large and heterogeneous groups together. Jerry not only gives me inspiration, but he also inspires people around him with his genuine ideas and meaningful thoughts.”
— Karim Walldén, Nordic PR Manager at Unilever

“He’s genuinely passionate about revitalising and modernising the public relations industry — and he’s becoming a true industry leader.”
— Fredrik Pallin, Leading Swedish PR Advisor

“Perhaps surprisingly for an evangelist personality, Jerry is also a good listener — much appreciated by clients and colleagues.”
— Bertil Myhr, Senior Consultant at WISE Communications

“Jerry is a creative and excellent communications consultant with a unique eye for opportunities in social media. He has a very including personality and he is very generous with sharing vast amounts of knowledge from a wide range of communications disciplines.”
— Daniel Chow, Head of Digital Strategy at Softronic

“In my opinion, Doctor Spin is Sweden’s no. 1 PR blog.”
— Markus Welin, Head of Social Communications & Digital Opinion at Almega

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About Jerry Silver

jerrysilfwerJerry Silver (b. 1979) is the Founder and CEO at Spin Factory, a digital strategy agency for B2C and B2B brands. The methodology is based on international experiences of practical implementation, scientific findings, and behavioral research.

Former COO and Executive Digital Strategist at Whispr Group, a data-driven social media agency. The agency was founded in New York and Jerry was brought onboard right after the start in 2010. After a year and a half stationed in New York, Jerry relocated from Manhattan back to Stockholm in 2012 to set up Whispr Stockholm as Country Manager.

Before Whispr Group, Jerry was the Head of Network & Relations at Springtime PR, the largest owner-led agency in the Nordics. At this time, the agency gained acclaim as one of the most prominent Nordic PR agencies in social media, combining it with expertise in Public Affairs, Internal Communications, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations. During a period of this time, Jerry acted as Nordic PR Manager for Adobe. Later in 2014, Adobe brought Jerry onboard their EMEA ThinkTank.

Jerry holds Bachelor Degrees in Public Relations & Linguistics from Mid Sweden University and was awarded scholarships by PRECIS (Public Relations Agencies in Sweden) and DIK (Union for Communication Professionals in Sweden).

Jerry was also Senior Communications Advisor for the Swedish Pirate Party throughout the EU election campaign in 2009, which resulted in 7% of the votes and two parliament seats for the party.

In 2008, Jerry founded the no. 1 PR community in the Nordics, PR of Sweden and his blog Doctor Spin, ranked by Invesp amongst the Top 25 PR blogs in the world.

Jerry has spoken at TEDx, World Public Relations Forum, DMEXCO, EUROCOM Milan, given several lectures at Berghs School of Communication, Beckman’s College of Design and Hyper Island, been dinner speaker at Sweden Social Web Camp and been featured in national trade media on several occasions. He is also a Social Media Today and featured writer.

Jerry was nominated 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 for Cision PR Influencer Award. In 2016, he won.

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