We’ve all seen the decline of organic reach for Facebook pages. I have it on good authority from inside sources on Facebook that it will continue to drop for commercial pages. They predict that organic reach will hit 0% (“Facebook Zero”) for non-boosted corporate updates in a not too distant future.

Also, Facebook advises against paid campaigns aiming for more fans for your page. Having many fans connected to your page simply won’t help you as much as it once did. Today that relationship between the user and the company is rather a data point used for paid targeting, not for organic reach.

Then why are so many companies treating Facebook like a publishing channel instead of what it really has become — an advertising platform for editorial content?

Organic Reach Is Not Dead, Not Exactly

There’s an ongoing debate on whether organic reach for Facebook is dead or not. Here’s the breakdown:

If you don’t pay for reach when you post your content, the sales team at Facebook will be the first to explain (at least for bigger advertisers) that you won’t get any organic reach for free. Organic reach for non-boosted commercial content will likely continue to drop to 0% (“Facebook Zero”).

If you pay for reach and you get lots of social reactions (share, likes, comments), then Facebook will reward your campaign with some added organic reach on top. Like a bonus to encourage you to contribute great and free editorial-style content to their entertainment platform.

However, people are still being social on Facebook, which means there’s nothing to stop people from sharing and discussing your URLs amongst themselves. In this sense, some ‘social objects’ will still go organically viral within Facebook.

Organic reach for Facebook remains a major asset, and that’s great. But if you’re a company publishing status updates to reach your fans and customers, then you better update your organic strategy to a paid one.

How To Make Facebook Zero Work For You

Facebook’s still a major source of organic traffic for lots of companies. This won’t change anytime soon because Facebook’s still the social network where many of us meet and share what matters to us.

This means that you should focus on creating content that’s worthy of people’s time, attention and engagement. It’s also a channel where your community can reach out to you, and this alone makes it important.

However, if you want to push corporate messages onto people by posting on your “own” Facebook page, then be prepared to pay — or stay invisible.

Here’s how to rethink your Facebook strategy:

Insight 1: Media logic — Rather than getting emotional (blaming Facebook won’t help), make sure you understand Facebook as a medium and use this understanding to your advantage.

Insight 2: Native content — Facebook’s a phenomenal advertising platform. What you can accomplish with a multi-step exposure journey through custom audience targeting is nothing less than remarkable. If you add great content to this — boom!

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