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People will always be wanting you to deliver value. By using the value triangle to set people's expectations, you position yourself better.

by JERRY SILVER // Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Digital PR specialist and CEO at Spin Factory

It could be your boss, your client, your customer, or your spouse.

We all find ourselves in situations where we must to deliver value to someone else.

But it’s obviously important to manage expectations. One powerful persuasion technique is to ask for clarification in terms of priorities using the value triangle.

Make them decide what not to prioritize!

Here’s how:

You Can Have Two, But Not Three

Here’s how the value triangle works:

If you want something done CHEAP and FAST,
you can’t ask for it to be GOOD.

If you want something done CHEAP and GOOD,
you can’t ask for it to be done FAST.

If you want something done FAST and GOOD,
you can’t ask for it to be done CHEAP.

It’s a tough discussion to bring up, for sure, but this conversation won’t be any easier if you postpone it until after your delivery. (I know all of you project managers out there agrees!)

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