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The Grammys Twitter Replay 2013 By Whispr Group


The 55th Grammy Awards took over Twitter, giving music fans plenty to gawk about.

We at Whispr Group captured tweets from around the world to find out just which celebrities, styles and performers took center stage during this year’s biggest night in music.

As a result, this infographic created by our team at Whispr Group provides an engaging breakdown of The Grammys most buzzed about topics on Twitter.

But first, check it out on Venturebeat, “Who Stole The Social Media Stage At The Grammys?”

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The Grammys Twitter Takeaways

Tweets about this year’s Grammys increased +29% as compared to last year.

Disappointed Ed Sheeran fans caused him to be the most buzzed about nominee on Twitter, bringing in nearly 32% more tweets than Taylor Swift (the second most buzzed about nominee).

Although Justin Timberlake wasn’t nominated for an award, his show stopping retro performance received the highest positive feedback (89%), snagged him the most new followers on Twitter (+86K), and landed him one of the most buzzed about style icons on the red carpet.

Taylor Swift’s “One Direction Diss” may caused a war between fans on Twitter, but she was still able to snag +76K new followers.

Adele’s Valentino dress landed her as one of the most buzzed about starlets at the Grammys, but unfortunately for all the wrong reasons, receiving only 55% positive sentiment.

Carrie Underwood’s Theia dress was the second most tweeted about style, pulling in 90% favorable opinions.

Rihanna & Chris Brown’s “snuggle” at the Grammys was the among the most controversial, and also the most discussed Grammy moments with over 145K Tweets.


Whispr Group looked at all publicly available English language tweets about The Grammys posted on February 10, 2013 in order to determine the main drivers of Twitter traffic across several categories including: The Grammys, Nominees, Performances, Red Carpet Looks, Memorable Moments and Hashtags.

Using Boolean Logic, Whispr Group Analysts built language models to pull in all relevant content related to the televised event, then parsed out data into individual themes and topics.

This allowed Whispr Analysts to work from an already clean and inclusive data set, while looking for subtopics. Whispr Analysts then used secondary language models to determine volume and sentiment of conversations.

For Example, Whispr Analysts created language models for each of the music artists performing during The Grammys to determine who drove the most traffic on Twitter.

Whispr Group has access to the Twitter Firehose, but does not include any content deemed private in our counts.


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