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Where Social Media Marketing Is Going In 2013

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slideshare_logoToday, I did an internal presentation at our agency to discuss where social media marketing is going in 2013.

And I thought I might just as well post it here, too.

You might find some surprising views in there.

Now, I threw it together in less than 45 minutes so there are no speaker notes or anything, but if there’s something that seems interesting but comes off foggy, just post your comment and I’ll make sure to expand my reasoning.

Hope ya’ll like it.

But in short:

In 2013, the social media end game will be won on .com, not on Facebook or Twitter. <<< Click to tweet.

I’m also talking about the Hippie Web and the Money Web.


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  • http://www.cendrinemarrouat.com/ cendrinemedia

    I agree with pretty much everything in your presentation.
    It’s interesting to see how social media has helped businesses realize how much they have to go back to the basics.

    • http://www.doktorspinn.com/ Jerry Silfwer

      @cendrinemedia Yeah, we had a couple of years when all bets were off and there’s been so much confusion going around, but I like how you put it Cendrine; it’s back-to-basics-time.
      Communicating well is a craft and social media will only emphasise this fact.
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment — love it!

      • http://www.cendrinemarrouat.com/ cendrinemedia

        @Jerry Silfwer What I like the most is when people tell me: “What, you mean that I need a strategy? I thought social media was just about chatting with audiences to get them to like my stuff.” 
        I wish self-proclaimed experts and gurus also understood the basics. The industry needs to be a lot more regulated than it is now.
        You are right about the fact that communicating well is a craft. That’s why Twitter matters so much, in my opinion. You practice your elevator pitch every time you use the social network. lol
        I love your blog, Jerry. Great stuff!

        • http://www.doktorspinn.com/ Jerry Silfwer

          @cendrinemedia Thank you sooo much Cendrine for those kind words. Some much appreciated warmth in a cold Stockholm today!

        • http://www.cendrinemarrouat.com/ cendrinemedia

          @Jerry Silfwer I live in Canada. I understand. lol

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