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Google’s Project Glass Is Buzzing

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This video has been bouncing around in my feed for a while. It’s Google’s Project Glass. Check the clip out and you’ll get the idea.

(If you can’t see the clip, click here.)

It’s very avant-garde, but maybe this could be a breakthrough for the much hyped augmented reality technology? I think AR is super cool, but I’m not using it, simply because there’s no user interface and no apparent uses for it yet.

(If you can’t see the clip, click here.)

However, I do think that Google will pursue this. Creating glasses is not the easiest thing to do and if they can’t put iPhone to shame, how are they going to compete with, say fashionable eyewear designers? Maybe they don’t have to. if the technology could be adapted by the eyewear companies, then we might be onto something.

Another reason is that Google must begin to hustle. I’ve been waiting for Google Wallet for years, but nothing happens. Google+ was to be their ticket into the social big leagues, but it turns out they haven’t really thought it through. Google Wave flopped, as did several other projects. Google Analytics new UI is so bad that I always reverse it to the old one.

Google Play seems uninteresting; they have to move into the space of Netflix with a fixed monthly fee for access (not the way Voddler and Headweb is doing it with pay-per-item) to streamed tv-shows and motion pictures for it to be interesting. Google Apps works, but do the not-so-evil-company want to become the next Microsoft Office so bad?

And for some reason, they killed my favorite tool—Google Reader. Now I never use it anymore because without the community functions, it’s worthless.

Another interesting aspect is that link juice is becoming scarce; most platforms are creating online environments where links are no-follows for the search engine. Those of us who have been blogging for a long time knows that unlinks aren’t as helpful for organic traffic anymore. What you want is to be socially trending.

Project Glass has the benefit of connecting online with offline, the Holy Grail of latter years. Google Maps is the dominant here and not to forget; these kind of integrations has great potential of unlocking revenue streams, a very important aspect where internet companies has been weak ever since the IT crash over a decade ago.

With the positive buss around the project, I’m hoping Google pursues this and that they learn from their previous mistakes. I’m also hoping that Swedish start-ups, instead of waiting on someone else to take the lead, takes matters into their own hands and start applying the new technology in a way that makes sense for more than just the engineers and the usual early adopters.

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