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A Black Coffee Break—Twin Peaks Style

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Twin Peaks

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Twin Peaks. Oh, how I loved everything about that magical place growing up. Scary, sure, but also very educational. You can actually learn a lot from Dale Cooper and the rest of the David Lynch-characters in this the best tv-series ever created.

  1. Use a left-right brain approach to solving problems.
  2. Don’t be stressed out if you haven’t got all the solutions. Trust that they will come to you when you’re ready.
  3. Love your job.
  4. Work in a place where there are beautiful girls everywhere.
  5. Allow yourself to be eccentric.
  6. Give your electronic devices female names.
  7. You should have two regular café’s no matter where you are; a posh place with great breakfast and a more common hangout where you can spot all the peculiar locals.
  8. You should have patience with oddballs and less intelligent characters; they might just save your life down the line.
  9. Owls are cool, not even Harry Potter can change that.
  10. Each and every day, you should give yourself a little present.
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