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Greatest Picture Ever—Vancouver Kissing Couple

Most of you have probable seen it already, the couple ending up on the ground after the police pushes forward during riots after a Vancouver Canucks game.

There are so many reasons to love this picture. The contradictory harmony between romance and violence. How guys find a way to steal a kiss when they can. Someone snapping a photo and getting the picture of a lifetime. And more support to the theory that girls who like hockey have pretty nice legs…


The Writer:

As the author of Doctor Spin, Jerry's passionate about online persuasion and public relations. He runs the agency Spin Factory, the community PR of Sweden, and the e-learning platform Spin Academy. Jerry lives in Stockholm with his wife Lisah and his son Jack. Click here to subscribe to Jerry's posts!

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  • daniel george

    Its more redeculous picture in the world which is not suitable for Indian culture.
     Danniel George 

    • http://www.doktorspinn.com/ Doktor Spinn

      Ok, then.

    • http://www.doktorspinn.com/ Doktor Spinn

      Ok, then.