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New Logo For Sweden Social Web Camp 2011

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Sweden Social Web Camp is indeed a very strange phenomenon. The first unconference took place in 2009, and several hundreds of Swedish social media enthusiasts camped on a remote island, Tjärö. The second one grew even bigger and now we’re even awaiting the third annual camp.

Why tech geeks and social media naturals go camping together? I don’t know. I’ve heard it all started with a suggestion of meeting up five to ten people for a weekend to talk social media in a cabin somewhere, but it kind of grew from there—word of mouth style. With a little help of passionate souls and the internet, of course.

An each year, a new user-generated logo. I really like it.

So, it’s a fascinating unconference and definately the place to be to meet digital influentials who enjoys each others’ company. This year’s camp will be between 11-14 August 2011. I’ve been to the previous two camps myself, but will I be able to go this year as well? I sure hope so.

Have you been there? How to explain this unconference to an international audience? How would you describe the camp in English in just a few sentences?

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