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The Perfect PR Education

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I was thinking the other day about how I would put together a perfect PR education. I guess I would compile it something like this:

First Year

First Semester

Media Logic I, 10 weeks
– Bandwagon Effect, Card-Stacking, Dunbar’s Number, Spiral of Silence, Market-Driven Journalism, The Tipping Point, The Long-Tail, Shannon-Weaver Model, The Global Village, News Media Logic, Social Media Logic, etc.

Media Organizations, 5 weeks
– Media Conglomerates, The Power of Media, Ownership Structures, Global vs. Local Media, Circulation, etc.

Modern Marketing, 5 weeks
– The Media Mix, Bought/Owned/Earned Media, PR, SEO Basics, Web Strategy, Mobile Marketing, Advertising, Push & Pull, Social Objects, Media Buy Dynamics, Integrated Marketing, Branding, etc.

Second Semester

Rhethoric, 5 weeks
– Oral Presentation, Written Presentations, Pitching Basics, Classical Disposition, Presentation Software, etc.

Methodology I, 5 weeks
– Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research, Correlations, etc.

Copywriting, 10 weeks
– Headlines, Style, Clarity and Brevity, Call-To-Action, Prominence, Structure and Disposition, Proofreading, Copy Editing, Portfolio Production, etc.

Second Year

First Semester

Creativity Techniques, 5 weeks
– Brainstorming, Physical Feedback Loop, Image-Streaming, Variation Technique, Case Studies, Inspirational Seminars, etc.

Organizational Structures, 5 weeks
– Listed Companies, Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses, Marketing Structures, Value-Chain, Controlling, Laws, Ethics, etc.

Strategic Communications, 10 weeks
– Two-Way Symmetrical Model, Open/Closed Systems Models, Business Objectives, PR Value and Measurability, etc.

Second Semester

Tools of the Trade, 10 weeks
– Media Training Basics, Press Releases, Policies and Guidelines, PR Strategies, Workshop Formats, Media Relations Basics, Content Creation, Infographics, SWOT Analysis, Social Media Intelligence, etc.

Methodology II, 5 weeks
– Statistics, Science Philosophy, etc.

Diploma Thesis, 5 weeks
– Students to pick the subject.

Third Year

First Semester

Human Interaction Design, 5 weeks
– Call-To-Action, Disposition, Structure, Wireframes & Mockups, Semiotics etc.

Internship I, 5 weeks
– Students to find their own internships.

PR Summit, 10 weeks
– Arranging Seminars, Inviting Guests & Speakers, Event Marketing, PR Logistics, etc.

Second Semester

Media Logic II, 10 weeks
– Maslow’s Pyramide, Uses & Gratifications, Incentives & Motivators, Gift Status, Media Semantics, The Medium is the Message, Critical Theories, Perception and Cognition,, etc.

Methodology III, 5 weeks
– Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research, Advanced Science Philosophy, etc.

Bachelor Thesis, 10 weeks
– Students to pick the subject.

Fourth Year

First Semester

Available specializations at 1/2 speed (choose 2-4):

Public Affairs and Lobbying, 10 weeks

Corporate Communications and Issues Management, 10 weeks

Social Media PR and Community Management, 10 weeks

CSR and B2B Industry PR, 10 weeks

Internal Communications and Employer Branding, 10 weeks

FMCG Marketing PR and Branding, 10 weeks

Second Semester

Social Psychology and Persuasion, 5 weeks
– The Advisory Role, Underdog Psychology, Conflict/Diplomacy, Affirmations, Visualizations, Authority, Influencing Influencers, Wag the Dog, The Power of Suggestions, Social Proof/Testimonials, etc.

Methodology IV, 5 weeks
– Advanced Research, Advanced Science Methods, etc.

Master Thesis, 10 weeks
– Students to pick the subject.

Fifth Year

First Semester

International Studies, 10 weeks
– Student to choose the subjects and country to study in.

Internship II, 10 weeks
– Students to find their own internships.

Now I’d love to hear your feedback on this. What do you think the perfect PR education should consist of?

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