Sell Value, Not Hours

by JERRY SILVER // Twitter, Facebook
Digital PR specialist and CEO at Spin Factory
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How long time something takes to do is only relevant if it takes too long. You don’t want to compete with other agencies on basis that you can do basic stuff quickly. You want to sell advice and activities to your clients that impacts their business in a way that generates value for them.

Without this focus you’d be better off placing your strategic hat on the shelf by firing those expensive consultants and focus solely on becoming a cheap labor production entity.

Selling ideas, concepts, and strategies are not about hours or minutes. It’s about creating value out of thin air. And there’s a real win-win situation in this; if your concept increases brand value and sales, or maybe lessens potential decreases to a value of, let’s say $100,000 and you can sell it for $15,000, while you conceived the concept in the shower one morning in about 10 minutes, then it’s simply good business for everyone involved.

If on the other hand your production cost is $100,000, the worth for the client is $15,000, then Houston, we have a problem – or at least a cold shower for both you and your client. Arguing your hours at this point won’t exactly strengthen your mutual relationship moving forward.

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