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Why do people follow other people?

Most businesses aren’t paying much attention to the why question. Instead, they focus more on the how — how do I get people to follow?

What most businesses are forgetting about their followers is that there’s an important time displacement:

People follow other people (present) as an act of faith (future) based on trust (past).

Or, in another way of putting it:

There’s an invisible contract between the influencer and the follower. Now, if such a contract were visible, what would it say? And what happens when you breach it?

Here goes:

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This article originally appeared on Idea Hunt.

In my day job, I help companies of all sizes to reach greater audiences and get those audiences buzzing.

With limited resources, new ventures must focus their marketing efforts. Growth hackers are wisely targeting one ‘low-hanging fruit’ after another to maximize momentum.

Entrepreneurs are building their MVPs (minimum viable products), testing for product/market fit, and when they have it, they scale using various growth tactics.

All good things, of course. And that’s how most startups are doing it.

So why might it be a good idea to do the opposite?

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There’s a spotlight out there for all of us.

With the internet, we all have the tools we need to build our personal brands at our fingertips. The good news is that you, too, can take measures to develop and strengthen your own personal brand.

Each and every personal brand revolves around five cornerstones:

  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Cause
  • Charge
  • Challenges

Here’s the framework for how to go about it:

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If I could offer just one piece of marketing advice, what would it be?

When thinking about this, I thought that my answer would be something about how important it is to know your audience, how important trust, relevance, and authenticity is — or how everything communicates.

Surprisingly, I came to another conclusion:

It’s about how small numbers matter.

Let me explain why:

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It took us a while, but we eventually figured it out:

The Earth is round, and we shouldn’t worry about falling off the edge.

The web, however, has been flat since the start. Sure, most of us remember the debacle that was Second Life, the game-like world with pornographic avatars, that didn’t quite take. And in gaming, we’ve been enjoying 3D experiences (“Damn, that’s the second time those alien bastards shot up my ride!”) for decades.

And so finally, after a fair share of false starts, the digital world is about to shift from 2D to 3D. So buckle up Dorothy; it’s time to kiss Kansas goodbye and go explore this magical new world.

Let’s begin in Tony Stark’s garage:

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